AMERICO GROUP JSC. is a medical provider that combines the own network to bring all partners the supplies they need.

Our company manufactures and distributes a wide range of products  from medical equipment for commercial purposes to durable medical equipment for commercial use, and durable medical equipment. Our Co-founders are doctors have a deep understanding of the products medical and health equipment.

With more than 10 years of experience in this field, We have experts and experienced Team sales professionals, we are always ready to meet all your needs. We provide our customers with quality products and the fastest utilities to meet the large and urgent needs of customers to bring the best business benefits to customers.


Becoming a leading brand in the field of providing medical and health equipment products.


AMERICO GROUP JSC. is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and services with competitive prices to meet the customer’s needs and the convenience for customers with our dedication and responsibility.


Five words T-R-U-S-T with meanings:

  • T – Trade-mark: is a leading brand in the field of providing medical and health equipment.
  • R – Reliability: Commit to only do the best for customers and bring the highest trust to the community.
  • U – Understand: Always understand and meet all needs of customers.
  • S – Sincere: Always respect customers who come to DR. AMERICO GROUP JSC.
  • T – Trust – Belief and faith come from employees, partners, and customers.



Our Products are GMP and ISO certificated, and we have an international biotechnology research and development team from the USA and Japan. DR. AMERICO insists on all products to medical cosmetic clinics, pharmacies, and salons. DR. AMERICO has multiple series of products, from basic cleansers, self-use skin care, two related courses, to offer complete assistance to our customers.

Our Co-founders are doctors and have a deep understanding of the products of medical and health equipment. We understand the international requirements for such products as CE, FDA,… Product quality is a measure of how long it can take with every customer. We have specialists to perform production and evaluate product quality to ensure that the requirements have been committed to customers for more than 10 years of business. What we always put on top is the quality of the product. When coming to DR. AMERICO GROUP JSC. customers can totally put 100% trust in quality that has been committed.



Dr. Americo Group JSC. make sure to, at all times, have either competitive prices. The fact that Dr. Americo Group JSC. Will have competitive prices will create a slight additional incentive in consumers’ minds to choose Dr. Americo Group JSC. Over its competitors.

We are committed to competitive prices and product quality will make you satisfied.

Superior Customer Service

The success of Dr. Americo Group JSC. Will be directly linked to the Company’s ability to satisfy customers. Customer service will start with a courteous and professional trained staff, as there is no better way to retain existing customers. Dr. Americo Group JSC.’s business model will revolve around the delivery of superior customer service.

From employing professionals with the highest customer service skills to investing the time and energy required in its customer care, Dr. Americo Group JSC. Will ensure the provision of outstanding customer service, which will lead to satisfied customers after every order, and allow the company to stand out from its competitors.

Professional’s Support

Dr. Americo Group JSC. Will, at all times, has significant the Doctor’ s support. Not all competitors have this kind of industry-related expertise and, thus, its existence will create a significant advantage.

In addition, we support customers with package services such as shipping, tax declaration, trademark registration, services of CE, FDA certification …

AMERICO GROUP JSC. is here to serve the partners and customers.