Many personal care services reopened after the Covid-19

Customers began returning to personal care services like hair salons, barbershops, day spas, nail salons, and tanning facilities on May 15.

The openings brought some excitement to those who wanted a trim or a tan and also brought back a little bit of “normal” in what has been a chaotic couple of months.

At Great Clips in Mt. Orab there was a three hour wait to get in the door. Customers were walking up outside and being greeted by staff members with an Ipad and notepaper to keep track of everyone.

Many people chose to return home and wait to be called, while others waited in their cars or went shopping nearby to pass the time.

There was also a collection of people gathered by the door in expectation of being called inside soon for the haircut they had been waiting over a month to get.

Only those with appointments were allowed inside and all customers had to wear a mask.

Brown County Commissioner Daryll Gray was one of the people who finally got to sit in the barber chair after almost two months of waiting,

“My hair is so long, it’s bugging the heck out of me,” Gray said with a smile.

He added that he was happy to see the business with its doors open again.

“It’s good that places are opening up and people can get out and do things and get back to a halfway normal life,” Gray said.

He added that while wearing a mask was a little inconvenient, it was a small price to pay.

“To protect other people, I think we should go ahead and wear them around a group or if a business wants you to do it.”

Great Clips Manager Nicole Little also said she was glad that the day to reopen had finally come.

“I’m excited to come back into work and getting back into a somewhat normal routine again,” she said.

Little said that the customers seem to feel the same way.

“They are glad to see us and be able to get a haircut again. They really appreciate us and what we are doing,” she said. “It’s amazing how a trim or a haircut will make someone feel.”

Little said her staff was also pleased with the reopening announcement.

“They are happy and glad to be back. They have been ready to come back for a while,” Little said.

Things are not back to the way they were before all of the changes put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Some of the mandatory rules that personal care businesses must follow include;

• Ensure minimum of 6 feet between employees, if not possible, install barriers

• Social distancing will apply with exception that the distance between the client and employee may be less than six feet

• Businesses must allow all customers, patrons, visitors, contractors, vendors and similar individuals to use facial coverings, except for specifically documented legal, life, health or safety considerations and limited documented security considerations.

• Businesses must require all employees to wear facial coverings, except under limited circumstances.

• Employees must perform daily symptom assessment

• Require employees to stay home if symptomatic

• Require regular handwashing by employees

• Place hand sanitizers in high-contact locations

• Clean high-touch items after each use (e.g. carts, baskets)

• Wear gloves and dispose of gloves in between tasks in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) glove removal guidance; if gloves cannot be worn, wash hands in between tasks in accordance with CDC handwashing guidance



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